Unique technology

Efficient and reliable airborne leak detection
of gas pipelines using CHARM®

Laser, Optic & Systems

Head of Research and Development

Dr. Andreas Hoffstädt

Andreas has been with ADLARES since 2001. He is responsible for the maintenance and further development of the laser and system technology.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Reinhard Wittig

Reinhard has been with ADLARES since 2001. He is responsible for the design and assembly of the CHARM® systems and supervises the operating technology.

Software / IT

Head of IT

Sebastian Dietrich

Sebastian joined ADLARES in 2009. Together with his team, he ensures that IT processes run smoothly. Due to his preference for complex systems, he is mostly involved in maintaining and continuously developing the CHARM® systems software.

Software engineer

Kevin Schumacher

Kevin joined ADLARES in 2008. He is primarily responsible for maintaining and developing the data management software.

Data Management

Data Analyst

Fritjof Biowski

Fritjof has been with ADLARES since 2019. He is a data analyst and works as a CHARM® operator several times a year.

Data analyst

Alexander Henschel

Alexander joined ADLARES in 2011. He primarily works in operating buisness, which includes flight planning, data evaluation and flight operations administration. He also operates the CHARM® system several times a year.



Elisabeth Delfendahl

Elisabeth has been with ADLARES since 2017. She works in accounting.

Authorized officer

Stefanie Ulbricht

Stefanie has been with the company since 2002. She is an authorised signatory, responsible for all human resources issues and heavily involved in shaping the corporate culture.


Matthias Ulbricht

Matthias founded the company and has been managing it since 2001. He is mainly responsible for business development and makes sure that all necessary resources are available.